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An Exclusive Wine-Tasting and Art Auction Event

Through the Looking Glass

June 7, 2024 |  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

We invite you to start placing your bids on two unparalleled pieces of art, destined to elevate your space with their charm and elegance. Final bidding will take place during the event. 

Other items (wine baskets, and several exquisite functional art items) will be auctioned during the event only.

“Through the Looking Glass” Dining Table

Current Bid $8,500

Bid Now

(must be in $500 increments)

Table base: 48″ X 30″ and 29″H bringing the glass height to 30”
Glass top:  96″ X 44″
Certificate of Authenticity 

This extraordinary dining table, meticulously crafted from selected slabs of lumber was brought back to life by the skilled hands of renowned artist Tom Williams. Each plank bears witness to the passage of time capturing the essence of centuries-old trees and the stories they have to tell us.

Why did Tom Williams call this table “Through the Looking Glass?”

Peek through the exquisite glass tabletop and behold the breathtaking beauty of our natural handcrafted wood table. Witness the intricate details of its grain, growth circles, branch markings, and the rich tapestry of history etched by droughts, rainy seasons, and the passage of time. Each knot, line, and imperfection tells a story of resilience and endurance, as this magnificent tree stood tall for 150 years on the historic Donaldson-Bannister farmland. With every glance, immerse yourself in the legacy of nature’s artistry and the captivating journey of this cherished tree.

“Soar” Sculpture

Current Bid $1,500

Bid Now

(must be in $100 increments)

Dimensions: 20″ W X 18″H X 6″

Titled Soar, this free-standing sculpture is hand-carved from the same red oak tree that was used to make the exquisite table. The sculpture is unique in that it displays the obvious insults inflicted on the tree, as it stood sentinel over the Donaldson-Bannister house for 150 years.

Why Did Tom call this piece Soar?

This magnificent piece seems to be lifted by its wings to soar to the treetops and into the heavens. It reminds us of the tree’s resilience to grow to full height despite the attack of insects, rot, and the ridges of time. These flaws show the beauty of the tree and the truth in nature.

Bid Now

(Bids must be in increments of $500 for the table and $100 for the sculpture)

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