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Get Involved

If you’ve gotten this far, you know how DPT works to enrich life in our community by preserving the past, celebrating the present and building the future. If you’d rather see an historic building preserved and enjoyed instead of bulldozed for another parking lot or bank, then please join us as either a member, a donor, a sponsor or a volunteer.

Be a Member

We offer annual memberships at four levels, one to suit every budget:

  • Friends of the Farm – $500 per individual
  • Historian – $250
  • Trailblazer – $125
  • Keeper of the Land -$70

For details on the benefits of each membership, please go here.

Be a Donor

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations who support our mission. Whether you make a one-time donation or an on-going donation, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to keep Dunwoody a place where we all want to live. To learn more about donating, please go here.

Be a Sponsor

Sponsoring is a great way to help us and your business. If you become a sponsor, we’ll promote you on our website, with a link to your homepage. Event sponsors also get visibility at the actual event. For the specifics on corporate sponsorships, please go here.

Be a Volunteer

Can you plant a flower, neaten up an old cemetery, decorate a Christmas tree, drive a golf truck, manage an information booth, welcome guests to events, sort through archives or help teach a class? If so, please consider volunteering. Volunteering with DPT is not only rewarding, it’s fun. There’s no better way to make new friends! If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities for your school group, Scout troop or just yourself, please go here.

Support Dunwoody Preservation while you shop.

When you shop at, Amazon will donate a percentage of the proceeds to DPT.

Go to

When your Kroger Plus card is linked to Dunwoody Preservation Trust, a percentage of your sale will be donated to us in addition to your Rewards & Fuel Points!

Go To Kroger Community Rewards