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Our Leaders


Interim Executive Director
Kristin Simons

Executive Administrator
(Dee) Danesha Johnson

Properties Manager
Sam McEntyre

Director of Private and Special Events
Dolores Lauderdale

Contractor/Director of the Annual Lemonade Days Festival
Hope Follmer

Curator/Director of Education
Vanessa Blanks

Executive Board

David Long

David Long


Cowen Harter


Jack Houseal

Jack Houseal



David Long, President
Jack Hauseal, Treasurer
Cowen Harter, Secretary
MJ Thomas, Past President
Missy Shoenig, Director of Education
Nelson Smith, Director of Marketing
Susan Still, Director of Volunteers
Chryse Wayman, Director of Historic Records
Pam Tallmadge, Director at Large
Suzanne Booth, Director at Large
Chris Cox, Director at Large
Ellen Rankin, Director at Large
Allegra Johnson, Director at Large
Robin Schick, Director at Large

Past Presidents

Lynne Byrd 1995-1999

Joyce Amacher 1999-2004

Queenie and Danny Ross 2004-2009

Kathy and Tom Florence 2009-2011

Molly and Sam Portis 2011-2013

Monica and Tom McGurk 2013-2015

Dolores Lauderdale and Melanie Williams 2015-2017

Jim Williams 2017-2020

MJ Thomas 2020-2022

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