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Brand Guide

We’re proud of our brand. To maintain the same high level of quality in our communications that we uphold in our projects, we are introducing some simple brand standards for all to follow. Our Executive Director and website development team are the only people authorized to revise anything on our website. If you are working on anything else – an ad, an invitation, a press release or a presentation, please follow the following guidelines.

Official Logos

  • Dunwoody Preservation Trust
  • Lemonade Days Festival
  • Dunwoody Idol
  • Apple Cider Days
    Apple Cider Days
  • Donaldson-Bannister Farm

Official PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colors for Print*

When creating any print documents, including ads and invitations, use our official print colors, which are derived from the DPT logo as follows:

  • Green (the roof of the farmhouse) – Pantone 3375 C
  • Green (the grass in front of the house) – Pantone 5845
  • Mustard – Pantone 7408 C
  • Brick – Pantone 170 C

*Exceptions to this color scheme are Lemonade Days Festival and Dunwoody Idol promotions, which shall be based on their respective logo colors.

Official Fonts for Print

  • General DPT and Lemonade Days: Century Gothic
  • Camp Flashback: Comic Sans

Official Font for Digital

  • Open Sans

Official Terminology

  • Donaldson-Bannister Farm
  • Cheek-Spruill House (also known as the Dunwoody Farmhouse)
  • Lemonade Days Festival (use at least once before shortening to Lemonade Days)
  • History Alive (two words; no punctuation)
  • Camp Flashback
  • Friends of the Farm