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2023 Dunwoody Preservation Trust

Lemonade Days Festival Performances & Dunwoody Idol



Ten singing finalists, accompanied by a professional band, competed in the Dunwoody Preservation Trust Dunwoody Idol competition on Saturday night of the 2023 Lemonade Days festival to an estimated crowd of 400 attendees.

Created and produced by Mark Gallegos of Dunwoody Music, the 7th annual competition featured Matt Weber of What’s Up Dunwoody as the Master of Ceremonies


Congratulations To The 2023 Dunwoody Preservation Trust Lemonade Days Festival Dunwoody Idol Winners!

Dunwoody Idol         Winner Beatrix Boehner

First Runner Up       Lauren Schroeder
Crowd Favorite          Emma Conway


     The Dunwoody Idol Winner Is Awarded:

  • A full-service session of professional recording time to produce one finished track.

  • A featured appearance at a young artists musical review.
  • Performance of the “Star- Spangled Banner” at the Dunwoody Homeowner Association’s Fourth of July Parade ceremony along with a spot in the parade.
  •  Invitation to return as a featured performer to next year’s Dunwoody Preservation Trust Lemonade Days Festival stage.

2023 Lemonade Days Stage Schedule

Thursday, April 20

6:30 – PCMS Jazz

7pm – DHS Flute Choir

7:30pm DHS Jazz


Friday, April 21

7pm – Glydr

8pm – Bark

9pm – Sister Ray


Saturday, April 22

11:15 – Wallflowr

12:15 – Seth and Beatriz

1pm – Echo

2pm – 30 Watt

3:15 – Barrett McCaskill

3:30 – Dustbowl Dancers

4:45 – Lapidus & Myles


7pm – KC and the Kids

8pm – Dolonia

9pm – Midsummer Motel


Sunday, April 23

12:30 – Dan & Company

3pm Sandy Springs Music

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