Interested in helping the Dunwoody Preservation Trust or volunteering at Lemonade Days? Please contact Susan Still at volunteers@dunwoodypt.org for a link to volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer your time: Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. We have several opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.

  • Special Event Volunteers: Lemonade Days and Apple Cider Days are two of our largest events for the year. We need energetic volunteers to help us create two of the best events in Dunwoody each year. We also have several other smaller events that could use your assistance each year.
  • Cemeteries: Several times a year, we spend some time cleaning, trimming, mowing, and removing debris from five of our local historical cemeteries. Research time is also needed to help identify many of the people buried in the cemeteries.
  • Historical Properties: Research help on the properties. Work at some of the properties – that could be cleaning and/or clearing the grounds, working on the property itself, repairs or perhaps construction, planting/gardening, sustainability, and/or architectural assistance.
  • Expertise: Often we could use your expertise. Check with our office to find out our needs at this time. Some opportunities might be: Legal, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, and Surveys.