Woodall Cemetery

The Woodall Family Cemetery is located off Happy Hollow Road.  This cemetery is believed to only have eight graves, six of which are Woodalls and the other two are members of the Power family.  The Woodalls once owned vast acreage which extended from where the old home place still sits on Nesbit Ferry Road to the cemetery off Happy Hollow Road.

Charles Newton Woodall, born in 1826 and died 1902, is buried in this historic cemetery along with his wife, Martha Caroline Woodall.  Charles Woodall fought in the Civil War as part of the Confederate Cherokee Legions State Guards, and his wife Caroline was a founding member of the Winters Chapel United Methodist Church in the 1880’s.

Charles Woodall’s mother, Sarah Crosby Woodall is also buried in the old cemetery.  She died in 1874, but her birth date is not legible.

Caroline Humphries Woodall was part of the Humphries  family that lived over in the Cross Keys area, now known as Brookhaven.

Three of the Woodall’s children are buried in the cemetery, including two infant boys and a daughter, Indiana Vandalia Woodall, born 1849 and died 1861.

There are no markers for Josiah or Samuel Power, however when Franklin Garrett surveyed DeKalb cemeteries in 1931 he noted that Joe Reeve informed him that the Powers were buried there.