Sponsor a DB House & Gardens Project

Are you looking for a way to directly make a lasting impact on the Donaldson-Bannister House and Gardens rehabilitation efforts?  There are many projects that the funds we have currently raised will not be enough to complete.  If you would like to leave a lasting legacy for your family, why not consider partnering with us on one of the projects listed here:

Current Donaldson Bannister Project Needs:

  • New side porch.   This project contemplates a new porch from the dining room door to the new event area and garden.  Further, the porch will have the capability of connecting to the rear handicap entry providing two handicap entries.  Estimated cost: $17,000
  • Foundation repairs on existing main house and on various walls:
  • Brick pavers for handicap walkways.  This project involves the purchase of specified brick pavers to be installed for handicap walkways.  The contractor is in place.  The paver material is needed. Estimated Cost:$7,000
  • Urbana pavers for drive up plaza in front of barn.  The design of the plaza is in place.  The plaza consists of specified pavers including subsurface drainage.  Estimated cost $10,000
  • Electrical plans for wiring of existing barn.  The existing barn is intended to be an area to be viewed showing how farm life used to be lived.  We already have a significant collection of old tools that we plan to display using the existing barn.  We need both a plan for and the installation of lighting for the interior of the barn for display purposes.  Estimated cost $8,500.
  • Plants for landscaping around existing house.  The current site-work plan does not include any plants. We need to begin implementation of the already completed landscape plan by installing the specified mature boxwoods and other plants around the main house.  Estimated cost $10,000.
  • Container garden on the new plaza around the new barn. The project contemplates an aesthetically pleasing area as well as addressing concerns for safety.  It contemplates large, attractive containers containing pleasing, easy to maintain plants placed along the edge of the terrace and along the walkway between the roof-line of the existing barn the new barn.  The plan would include a drip irrigation system.  Estimated Cost $10,000
  • Barbecue Area.  One of the unique features of the Donaldson-Bannister property is the original barbecue area behind the house.  It includes the original rock barbecue which was used by the home’s residents and surrounding neighbors for several generations.  This space will be used as a small, intimate gathering area and is both a unique and useful area of the property.  The completion of this project entails leveling the two circular areas around the barbecue, restoration of the rock wall, and the installation of plants according to the professional landscaping plan.  Estimated cost $10,000.
  • Storage shed for wagon.  The Dunwoody Preservation Trust wagon is used for various events, including the annual 4th of July parade and Lemonade Days.  The wagon is stored on the Donaldson-Bannister property and plans are to make it an attraction to the property by maintaining it in a newly built shed structure on the property.  Estimated cost $8,500.