Landscaping Updates

Landscaping Updates

If you have not driven past the Donaldson-Bannister farm in a while, you should take a detour from your typical Dunwoody route to do so.  The landscaping and hardscape of the grounds are beginning to take shape, and what a difference a year makes!

There is a beautiful new fountain just to the right of the new handicapped parking lot, behind the home, nearest Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.  The back porch is starting constructions and the rose covered arbor walkway is in place.


Plantings are ready to begin, and in fact, have just started with the donation of a lovely double-flowering weeping cherry tree.

The tree was presented to Suzanne Huff, Executive Director of DPT by Alice O’Neil, member of the Spalding Garden Club, in honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Garden Club of Georgia, earlier this month.


What will the landscaping add to your experience at the Donaldson-Bannister property?  Preschoolers enjoying a fun afternoon just rolling down the hill, children playing tag football in the pasture, a couple sitting on a bench quietly reading a book, a young woman strolling through a garden of vintage flowers—all of this will be possible at the Donaldson-Bannister Home.

Are we talking about Callaway Gardens, some large acreage in the mountains, a National Park, perhaps?

No, this is the vision for the lawn at the Donaldson-Bannister Home. The Dunwoody Preservation Trust and Stantec Landscape architectural firm have joined to create a green space in this historical home that will be enjoyed by all ages.

The landscape team of Stantec has designed a farm-like atmosphere near the barn where families can enjoy acres of land–no structured playground, no coaches, no ball fields.  Just land –acres of land–where children can use their imaginations and play.

Behind the house will be garden“rooms’ which provide relaxation and mediation by individuals, or a beautiful setting for garden clubs, and other groups.

The landscape plan has been completed, and we are currently working with the City of Dunwoody to implement it. Please check back for more details as we continue our efforts to make the Donaldson-Bannister Home one of your favorite places in Dunwoody.

We are looking forward to presenting this gift to the City of Dunwoody.

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Sponsor an existing project in the Rehabilitation Plan for the Donaldson-Bannister Farm.