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Evening Education Series

Succulent Wreath Making

June 8, 2023 7:00 pm

Have you ever wondered how to plant succulents and keep them thriving? Join us for an evening workshop with CJ Holliday, Education Program Specialist, from Dekalb County UGA Extension. We’ll learn about these plants that can be so colorful and diverse in shape as we craft a 9 inch sphagnum wreath into a stunning live arrangement to either hang or use as a centerpiece for your table. We’ll be offering a choice of two styles of arrangements on a 9 inch living wreath. You may choose between a fully covered wreath or a half moon style of arrangement at a lesser cost.

Fully Covered Arrangement on 9 Inch Wreath: $125

Half Moon Covered Arrangement on 9 inch Wreath: $65

Full Arrangement Kit includes:

  • 9 inch living wreath
  • 75 Greening Pins
  • 75 Succulent Cuttings

Half Moon Arrangement includes:

  • 9 inch living wreath
  • 35 Greening Pins
  • 35 Succulent cuttings

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