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Living through History Today

Pandemic 2020

Scenes of COVID-19

During this unprecedented time Dunwoody Preservation Trust is collecting photos, stories and other mementos to record the pandemic.  While COVID-19 is our present, at some point it will be our past and we would like to have a record of how this event has impacted all of us – for worse AND for good!  If you would like to share your stories and photos with us, please email us at

“I’d like to bring to your attention the Story of my Dunwoody neighbor Long X Tran. Shortly before the Covid-!9 pandemic hit, he opened a charing Bubble Tea/Coffee shop called Peachy Corners Cafe at the intersection of Spaulding and Holcomb Bridge in Peachtree Corners. As most small business owners he was forced to close. Curbside pickup and gift card purchases were not feasible to sustain operations, but despite this he and his wife Susie began preparing loads of bubble tea and coffee and delivering them to local area hospitals. At first they  did this at their own expense, eventually neighbors began raising funds and directing which hospitals received these donations to first responders, no matter how far away.

In addition, he works with an organization, CPACS, that repairs and wipes donated computers (being an IT guy) and distributes them to Hightower kids, so they can continue their education during the pandemic. He has worked tirelessly, putting himself in harms way, to help those most vulnerable. He deserves recognition and our thanks.”


“Well, I’ve discovered that we live in THE best neighborhood with the most amazing neighbors!
This morning I emailed our neighbors explaining that the kids are doing great, but they’re cooped up and could use something to break up the mundane nature of having to shelter in place. I asked my neighbors if they would put a teddy bear in their window, so the kids in the neighborhood could all go bear hunting! We just got back, and this just melted my heart. We found 29 bears, 1 monkey 🤣, and a few rainbows. In the span of just a few hours, neighbors with young kids, neighbors with older kids, and neighbors with no kids turned a pretty ordinary day into an adventure. I am SO heartwarmed by this! We had a blast and this was just such a lovely way of a small community doing something simple for the good of the kids (and the adults too – this was so fun! 😂). My cup runneth over. Thanks to Olivia for the idea and to all my sweet neighbors for making our day. ❤❤❤
Edit: Just heard from a neighbor who pulled her 75 year old teddy out of his protective safekeeping to participate. This just keeps getting better. Lovely display of humanity at its best. <3″


I’d like to share that during quarantine the Spruill Art Center paid their contract artist 50% of their pay during April and will also pay 50% in May even though they are not teaching due to Covid-19 shutdown. This was a totally unexpected monetary gift from Spruill Art Center to its instructors and so very generous from a not for profit organization. Truly family at Spruill!”


Do you have stories, poems, photos, drawings, etc. that you would like to share with us?