Progress on Restoration Efforts at Donaldson-Bannister Farm

Significant progress is being made on our restoration efforts at the Donaldson-Bannister Farm!  Now that the main house has been stabilized, we have been able to move forward in multiple areas.  Interior spaces have been modified to allow better traffic flow.  Windows are being replaced with custom-built thermal pane windows that have the appearance of the original windows.  The window project should be completed no later than October 1, 2016.  The exterior of the house is being prepared for new paint.  Damaged and rotted wood is being replaced.  A new exterior door to the basement is being built by a Dunwoody volunteer.   A new 36” exterior door has been added for handicap compliance.  Exterior painting should be completed by the middle of October – – just in time for the Dunwoody Preservation Trust to permanently move their office to the property.

Window installation at the Donaldson Bannister House:

windows-at-dbf      windows-at-dbf2

The small washhouse was in danger of collapse before emergency repairs were made.  It is now stable and ready for painting by community volunteers.

The new barn addition is completed and is highly visible from both Vermack and Chamblee-Dunwoody Roads and has created a lot of conversation.  This addition includes two new ADA compliant restrooms for handicapped accessibility, and a multi-purpose room that will coordinate with a large exterior patio and plaza area for picnics and events.  This project was completed in October 2016.  Oldcastle has been a valuable community partner for the project by donating pavers and retaining wall materials.

ADA Restroom and multi-purpose room addition to the barn at the Donaldson-Bannister Farm:

ada-bathroom-installation-2       ada-bathroom-installation

A Master Landscaping Plan was commissioned earlier in 2016 by Dunwoody Preservation Trust.  This plan will compliment our previously commissioned Master Plan for the property, our roadmap for the rehabilitation of the site.  The landscape plan will create parking, lighting, hardscapes and beautiful areas for use by the community.

The Donaldson-Bannister property is set to become a valuable addition to the Dunwoody City Park system.  Through the working relationship among the City of Dunwoody, the Dunwoody Preservation Trust, community corporate citizens and our devoted community volunteers, we are meeting our goals to make this park one of the finest representations of the history and the heritage of Dunwoody.

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