Your Dunwoody Story

What is your Dunwoody Story?

Are you the key to unlocking more from the history of Dunwoody.  If you have a story that pertains to the history of Dunwoody, a home or building, or a current or past resident, we hope you will consider sharing your story with the Dunwoody Preservation Trust.  Often a story is passed down for a few generations, but then forgotten.  By sharing your Dunwoody History with DPT, it may help us to unlock another piece of our community’s history.  Sharing your Dunwoody Story with DPT can also allow us to share it with others who want to learn more about how Dunwoody became the community we have all come to call Home.

We would be honored if you would trust DPT to help to preserve your Dunwoody Story for the generations to come. If you have a story that you would like us to consider adding to the DPT history or to our website, please contact us.